Marriage or Studies: Which One First?

السلام عليكم
بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ


Life's Balance Beam said...

Mashaallah i TOTALLY agree.

A student of knowledge Dau'd (or dawood?) adeeb has a lecture called Education before marriage, what comes first? and it was the BEST lecture i have heard on the subject mashaallah, you should check it out! (i'll try to find it on youtube if u want inshaallah)


MuslimFirst said...

Ahh, I remember this video. A relatively recent one from a channel I subscribe to on YT. I remember once, when I was on Muxlim, I put up a blog post onthis asking for people opinion and I got a variety of responses, but it seemed most were gald that they had goten married earlier, even though they had much studying left do to. It would surely prevent many of today's youth and us oldies being (like myself)distracted by un-Islamic things.

Sadly, the young ones are essentially taking up "marriage" in secret - that is, living together, going on trips, etc . .of course, without their parents knowledge, something I am witness to here, which frustrates and initially, shocked me. Also, I think in many cases, parents haven't wised-up to the issue and think their kids wouldn't do such things, when in fact, it IS THEIR kids who are doing such things, as well as the kids that they DO know are engaged in such things. Yet for some reason, again, they don't think their kids would dare to do it. Good post/share Sis.

Amira said...

aww Jazakillah khair sis I saw you put it up on your blog Inshallah I will watch it. xx

@MF Jazakallah, Yes a lot of people think their kids would never do such a thing. Its quite naive.