Gul Ameen. A dua

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
If there are any mistakes they are mine feel free to point them out.
O Allah Creator of the whole universe
O Giver of food
O Fashioner
O Bestower
O Beneficent
O Lord
O Merciful
I ask of you
Faith (Iman)
Knowledge (Ilm)
Action (Aml)
Sincerity (Ikhlas)
Manners (Adab)
Humility (Kushu)
Fear (Khauf)
Restraining from Haram (Taqwa)
Hope (Rija)
Acting on your commands (Shariat)
Your Remembrance (Zikr)
Your thanks (Shukr)
Success in both the worlds (Falah)
Certainty (Yaqeen)
Patience (Sabr)
Working hard in Your cause (Saee)
Desiring you (Raghbat)
Loving you (Muhabbat)
Desiring to meet you (Mulaqat)
Feeling comfortable with you (uns)
Becoming my guardian and friend (Wali)
Safety in both worlds (Aafiat)
Blessings (Barkat)
Mercy (Rahmat)
Save me from
Hell (Jahannum)
Make me
Enter Paradise (Jannat)
Propagate your Deen (Tableegh)
Deliver your message to others (Tableegh)
Bear hardships in your cause (Adha)
One who gets up at night (Tahajjud prayer)
I want to worship you (Ibadat)
Do proper prayers on time (Salat)
Fulfill promises (Waada)
Keep my hands open for Charity (Sadaqa)
Let me not waste money by over spending (Mubazzireen)
Save me from
Stinginess (Bukhal)
Idolatry (Shirk)
Hypocrisy (Nifaaq)
Disbelief (Kufr)
Unthankfulness (Kufr)
Greediness (Lalach, Tama)
Anger (Ghadab)
Sudden death (Mout)
Jealousy (Hasad)
Backbiting (Gheebat)
Do not keep my heart attached to anything (Tama)
Mischief of the devil (Shaitaan)
Whispering of the devil (Waswasa)
Trials that mislead us (Fitna)
Vain talk (Laghu)
Wasting time
Lustful things
Seeing evil (Basar)
Hearing evil (Sama)
Keep my heart clean (Khalb)
Keep my body clean (Badan)
Save me from arguments (Ikhtelaaf)
Make Me
Respect my elders (Ikraam)
Love my youngers (Mohabbat)
Forgive others (Ghafar)
Overlook the faults of others ( Afu)
Make my foot firm on the bridge (Sirat)
Brighten my face on the Day of Resurrection ( Yaum ul Qiyama)
Give the book of deeds in my right hand (Kitaab Fe Yameen)
Give me your light (Noor)
Make me read the Quran
Give me understanding of it,
Make me remember it
and read it in the hours of the night and the day.
Give me love of the Quran
Make me believe in it
Act according to it
Make it for me a guide, light, a path to Iman and Mercy
Ya Rab
Accept my prayers
Accept my taraweeh
Give me pious children
Who are hafizu quraan
O Allah! Allow me to die as a Muslim with La ilaha ilallah on my tongue.
Give me good health so that I can spend more years worshipping you but give me death, when death is better for me.
Grant me patience and wisdom in all my affairs.
Forgive us for all our shortcomings and insufficiencies in our good deeds
Accept our prayers and disregard our mistakes and wrongdoings
Grant all of us without a spouse a righteous, loving spouse who will be good for our life, dunya, religion, hereafter.
O Allah! Answer the duas of those oppressed and grant them the best in Jannah
Make us from amongst the pious people (Muttaqeen)
Make us amongst the doers of good (Saleheen)
Save us from doing mischief (Fasad)
Make us fast for your pleasure (Saum)
Make us sent forth good deed and leave some behind that our future generations can continue on our account (Sawab-e-Jariah)
Surely your promise is true
Your meeting in true
Heaven is true
Hell is true
The bridge of Sirat is true
The scale is true (Meezan)
Angels are true (Malaika)
Your books are true (Kitab)
O Allah Daree (bitter grass), Ghassaq (puss from the sinners wounds), Uqba (mountain in hell), Saud
(mountain in hell)
and Jahannum are true.
Jaheem (gloomy place in hell), Hutma (shattering place) Hawia (bottomless pit) are true.
Ya Allah save us from these
Save us from Aghlaal (yokes around the neck) and Salaseel (chains)
O Allah paradise is eternal and true
You are Merciful have mercy on us
O Allah grant us Janaat Ul Firdaus
Jannatul Ma'wa (Garden of Eternity), Janaatul Adn (Garden of Eden)
Jannatul Naeem (Garden of Blessings)
O Allah Make us amongst those people who are foremost in faith (Muqarraboon)
O Allah!
Ya Rahman,
Ya Raheem,
Do not make us amongst those of the left hand.
O Allah Give us our book of deeds in the right hand.
Take easy recokoning from us.
O Allah make us smell the sweet smell of paradise.
O Allah Make us drink from Tasneem
(fountain of drink that comes out of Janat Ul Firdous)
O Allah please do not send a single one of us into the hell fire
O Allah we cannot bear a spark of fire of this world nor a cup of boiling water on us, how will it be that we bear the fire of hell made by lava and which has no bottom with boiling water and puss and food of zaqoom.
O Allah! Please save all of us and leave not a single one of us for hell.
O Allah, I seek Your forgiveness for all my sins. I ask You to forgive me for all my wrongdoings [mazalim] against people that You have recorded, for there are many rights [huquq] and dues [mazalim] owed to Your servants that I am burdened with and for which I am hostage [murtahin]. O Allah, even if these (wrongdoings) are many they are insignificant in comparison with the magnitude of Your forgiveness. O Allah, any male or female servant of Yours who has rights upon me, in either that I have unjustly taken from him [ghasabtu] in regards to his land, possession, honor, body; whether he was absent or present; or he or his representatives demanded it from me and neither was I able to return it to him nor did I seek release of it from him. So I ask You through Your benevolence, generosity, and abundance of what You possess that You satisfy them on my behalf, and not give them a position over me that will decrease my good deeds; for You possess what You can satisfy them with on my behalf and I do not possess what to satisfy them with; and do not allow for their bad deeds to find a path over my good deeds on the Day of Judgment.

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MashAllah, JazakAllah Khairan for this beautiful poem