Tips for Salah

السلام عليكم
بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
We all know the importance of prayer.
"I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me." (51, 56)

Getting khushoo in salah is something we all seek or should seek. Even the strongest people are plagued with waswas (whispers) from shaitan.

"Seek help in patience and prayer; and truly it is hard save for the humble-minded, Who know that they will have to meet their Lord, and that unto Him they are returning." (2: 45-46)
Humble minded=Al Kashi'un

"Then We heard his prayer, and bestowed upon him John, and adjusted his wife (to bear a child) for him. Lo! they used to vie one with the other in good deeds, and they cried unto Us in longing and in fear, and were submissive unto Us." (20:-90)
The Arabic word used at the part that says submissive is "Khashi'een"

When we are praying you are speaking confidentially to your lord! What an honor!
A verse of the quran to motivate us to seek Khushoo inshallah

"Successful indeed are the believers, Who are humble in their prayers, "[23:1-2]
This verse is referring to those who are Khashi'oon in their salah.

Some tips that will inshallah help us to attain khushoo in Salah.

Seek refuge with Allah from the Shaytaan.

Before starting salah you can try to write down whatever is on your mind that way you don't think about it in salah(Tip from Tuttie)

Or what you can do is before the time for salah comes like maybe 10 minutes or so before sit down where you are going to pray and just think. Get whatever is on your mind out of your system.

When making your intentions think about it rather then just unconsciously doing it. Why are you praying?

While praying think about the words you are saying( the meaning of Surah Fatiha etc.).

One person when he used to pray would... and placing the Kabah between his brows, the bridge over Hell beneath his feet, Paradise to his right and Hell to his left, and the Angel of Death behind him, thinking all the while that this is his final prayer. Then he would stand between hope and fear. Carefully pronounce “Allahu Akbar!” Then recite the Qur’an harmoniously, bow in humility and prostrate himself submissively."

Try moving at a measured pace during Salah. Dont go so fast!

Remember death while praying, imagine this is your last prayer or that this prayer is the one that will save you from hell.

Vary the Surahs, Ayahs, and Duas recited in Salah. If you keep reading the same ones it might become automatic where your not even really thinking about what you are reciting .

Remove anything that may distract you. Not all of can remain concentrated with noise and talking around us while we pray. I like to pray in the dark. Find what works for you.

Try not praying in a garment that has decorations, writings, bright colours or pictures that will distract you. Make sure your clothes are comfy if its too tight or your worried about it slipping and showing your arwah you wont be able to concentrate.

Not praying when food is prepared when one wants to eat. When your hungry chances are your just gonna keep concentrating on the fact that you will eat after you pray which can make you pray fast and carelessly.

Not praying when one needs to answer the call of nature. Nuff said.

Not praying when one feels sleepy. It's disrespectful and you may end up reciting something wrong which can greatly alter the meaning of what you were intending to say.

I hope that these tips will help you inshallah. Feel free to post you own tips. May Allah swt help us all read our salah correctly, attain Khushoo and accept it from us. Please remember me and the ummah in your duas.
Untill next time Inshallah,

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MuslimFirst said...

Ma'sha'allah, what great tips! I loved this post. Will definitely refer to it often. Jazak'Allahu Khairan Sis! Super great post! I think I need that 10 min sit-down before salah. I do that at Jumu'ah (much longer than 10 min!), but not so much when I'm praying at home/away from masjid.